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Professor Saiedian's MS Students

Current Master's Students at KU

  1. Berberich, Matt
  2. Doray, Mohamed
  3. Gopal, Poorna
  4. Griffin, Dominic
  5. Guerrero, Adam
  6. Hansen, Niels Austin
  7. Hussain, Zarina
  8. Keith, Cynthia
  9. Kilkenny, Taylor
  10. Kuhnke, Annika
  11. Lenfestey, Johnathan
  12. Lianda, Eric
  13. Medipalli, Sri Lakshmi
  14. Pai, Pallavi
  15. Pothuri, Aravind
  16. Samin, Amna
  17. Shaik, Nayab Basha

Past Master's Student advisees, research area, year completed (at the University of Nebraska)

  1. Balakrishnan, Vidhya "Intelligent Form Objects for Automating Structured Office Tasks" (August 2000, University of Nebraska)
  2. Bridges, Michael "A Metrics Paradigm for Object-Oriented Analysis and Design" (July 1994, University of Nebraska)
  3. Chanubal, Sujit "Software Architecture for Scalable Applications" (June 2001, University of Nebraska)
  4. Chennupati, Kalyanli "A Framework for Evaluating the Software Process Improvement Models" (December 1996, University of Nebraska)
  5. Kuzara, Richard "The Impact of the CMM on Government Contractors" (May 1995, University of Nebraska)
  6. McArthur, Kevin "Component-Based Architectures and their Impact on Reuse" (August 1999, University of Nebraska)
  7. Natarajan, Jeya "Transition to Distributed Computing: A Framework for Evaluating Distributed Object Models" (December 2000, University of Nebraska)
  8. O'Connell, Emilie "A Set of Practical Recommendations to Minimize Risks Associated with the CMM SCEs" (May 2000, University of Nebraska)
  9. Palumbo, Robert "An Object Based Approach Toward the Automation of Office Procedures Using Intelligent Messages" (April 1993, University of Nebraska)
  10. Zhang, Chi "Devising a Software Process Improvement Model for Small-Scale Software Development (December 2000, University of Nebraska)

Past master's student advisees, research area, year completed (at the University of Kansas)

  1. Adewale, Favour (May 2019)
  2. Allen, Michael, (May 2015)
  3. Anan, Mohammad, "An Architecture-centric Software Maintainability Assessment Using Information Theory" (December 2003)
  4. Ault, Bryan, (December 2019)
  5. Bhattacharjya, Sairath "A Novel Framework to Secure IoT Communications" (May 2020, Honors)
  6. Bachtel, Derrick, "Performance Evaluation of 802.11b and 802.11g Wireless Networks'' (May 2003)
  7. Bean, Eric, "Defect Prevention and Detection in Software for Automated Test Equipment" (January 2007)
  8. Bequette, Michael, "Distributed Computer Systems Hardware Sensor Testing'' (December 2003)
  9. Booth, Jennifer, "From Monolith to a Microservices Architecture: A Study of Migration Process Challenges to Develop a Migration Readiness Framework" (May 2019)
  10. Bryant, Blake "Hacking SIEM Software to Catch Hackers: Decreasing the Mean Time to Respond to Network Security Events with a Novel Configuration of SIEM Software" (May 2016, Honors)
  11. Bombarider, Kellen, "A New Test-Focused Development Process for Open Source Software" (December 2006)
  12. Chambers, Jake, "The Development and Application of an Architectural Description Language for Modeling Data Network Architectures" (May 2003, Honors)
  13. Chatman, Michael E. (May 2017)
  14. Chesser, Carl, "A Regression Test Selection Technique for Graphical User Interfaces", (May 2012, Honors)
  15. Cradit, Jason (December 2010)
  16. Cohgan, Clinton (July 2010)
  17. Dandekar, Amit (May 2010)
  18. Daniel, Scott Alan (December 2015)
  19. Demessie, Getahun (May 2019)
  20. Elghzali, Sameh (May 2012)
  21. Gentile, Jimmy (December 2018)
  22. Gravlin, Tim (May 2011)
  23. Gurwell, Michael (May 2020)
  24. Gourdon, Kumar, An Event-Based Mechanism for Client Synchronization with a Database (May 2008)
  25. Harmon, Michael (May 2016)
  26. Habib, Ahsan, "Channelized Voice over Digital Subscriber Line'' (May 2001)
  27. Haenchen, Steven, "Advanced Text Searching of Electronic Information Related to Forensic Discovery" (December 2009)
  28. Haridasyam, Kalyani, "AskMyNetwork: A Trustable Android Recommender Application for Facebook", May 2014
  29. Higgins, Kevin, "An Evaluation of the Performance and Database Access Strategies of Java Object-Relational Mapping Frameworks (December 2007)
  30. Hinko Vincar, "mFrame: An Application Framework for Mobile Resource-Constrained Computing Environments" (December 2004) -- Hinko Vincar also won the School of Engineering Best Thesis Award (Moore Award).
  31. Hohman, Jamie (May 2010)
  32. Horvath, Ryan, (December 2010)
  33. Houston, Kevin (May 2015)
  34. Hubener, Donny, "OBGP Inter-Domain RWA Solution'' (May 2002)
  35. Hughes, Brian, (December 2009)
  36. Jain, Noopur (December 2020)
  37. Kane, Thomas (December 2018)
  38. Kannenberg, Andrew, "A Stremlined, Cost-Effective Approach to Manage Requirements Traceability" (December 2008, Honors)
  39. Karry, Latha (Exploring the Role of NIST in Monitoring Network Security, 2016)
  40. Khadikar, Prachi, "TicketWise: An Interface for Integrating an EMail Service with a Help Ticketing Application (December 2014)
  41. Kaufman, Jennifer (May 2010)
  42. Kaufmann, Brad (December 2013)
  43. Kiefer, Ryan(May 2016)
  44. Labitoko, Komi Akounda, (May 2015)
  45. Myung, Kang, USBWall: A Novel Security Mechanism to Protect Against Maliciously Reprogrammed USB Devices (August 2015, Honors)
  46. Li, Ji (May 2012)
  47. Liu, Mindy (May 2012)
  48. Madden, Damian, (May 2012)
  49. Majdi, Mohammad, Fall 2014
  50. Mazumdar, Pratima (May 2010)
  51. Mehta, Sangeeta (January 2012)
  52. McConville, James "Access Database Re-Platform to Enterprise" (December 2013)
  53. Mohseni, Sara (May 2012)
  54. Moley, Frank, "Maintaining Privacy and Security of Personally Identifiable Information Data in a Connected System", May 2014)
  55. Morankar, Priyanka (December 2018)
  56. Morozov, Sergey, "Prime Number-Based Hierarchical Data Labeling Scheme for Relational Databases  (December 2007)
  57. Mulky, Shawn, "Performance Evaluation of Eventing Web Services in Real-Time Applications" (May 2006)
  58. Naeem, Muhammad, "Softweare Process Engineering'' (December 2002)
  59. Nimmagadda, Sridhar, " A High-Performance Event Filtering Mechanism for Push-Based Systems Scalable to Wide-Area Networks'' (May 2001)
  60. O'Hara, James, "An Evaluation of Design-by-Contract Extensions in Java'' (May 2002)
  61. Padmanabhan, Bharath (May 2016)
  62. Patel, Purvi (December 2010)
  63. Peterson, Danielle (December 2020)
  64. Powell, Josh (May 2020)
  65. Quint, Joe, "Tractability of Join Points in Aspect-Oriented Programming'' (December 2003)
  66. Ramamirtham, Siva Iswarya, (December 2015)
  67. Reinke, John "Opee Source Software and Security" (December 2002)
  68. Richey, Manuel, "The Application of  Irregular Data  Formats for  Improved  Performance in 16-Bit DSP Systems" (December 2006, Honors)
  69. Ronning, Daniel Cody (May 2017)
  70. Rzepnicki, Witold, Evaluating the Impact of Content Delivery Networks on Performance and Scalability of Content-Rich and Highly Transactional E-commerce Websites (May 2008)
  71. Saidin, Amrullah, (May 2007)
  72. Samyn, Scott, (May 2019)
  73. Schmit, Christopher, "Packet Voice Technologies" (December 2001)
  74. Schurder, Tess (May 2020)
  75. Seenappa, Chandrika, (December 2015)
  76. Sheng, Robert (May 2018)
  77. Some, Arnaud (May 2019)
  78. Srivastava, Apoorva (May 2018)
  79. Stockmeyer, Mark, "Development and Analysis of a Gravity-Simulated Particle-Packing Algorithm for Modeling Optimized Rocket Propellants (December 2007, Honors)
  80. Tahmasebi, Hamid, (December 2008),
  81. Tetmeyer, Annette, "A POS Tagging Approach to Capture Security Requirements within an Agile Software Development Process" (May 2013, Honors)
  82. Thomas, Steve "Security: Theoretical Statistics of Capturing Keys" (December 2001)
  83. Underwood, Ben, "Mass Surveillance Practices and Technologies: A Comprehensive Evaluation" (December 2017)
  84. Wasko, Brian, (May 2012)
  85. Wishnie, Gabe, "A Complex Event Routing Infrastructure for Distributed Systems (December 2009)"
  86. Yu, Kevin (Xiongfei), "Regression Testing of Graphical User Interfaces" (December 2001)
  87. Zari, Mazen, "Distributed Pair Programming" (December 2002)