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The guidelines were developed by Professor Saiedian in mid 2000's for his software engineering (SE) students. Any EECS student may use these guidelines for other classes by ignoring SE-specific requirements. A PDF version of these guidelines is available.

Preparing a workshop proposal

Students who would like to make a long presentation (a technical or tutorial or workshop presentation) for a special project should provide a proposal that includes the following:

  • Clearly and succinctly introduce and summarize the presentation topic.

  • Clearly describe the relevance to the course (show how it relates to the course and how the students will benefit from your presentation).

  • Clearly indicate how the topic will be organized in terms sections (e.g., objective, background, rationale, findings, future directions, conclusions, etc.).

  • Clearly indicate whether the presentation is basic research (new and original ideas), or a research work in progress, or an overview or review of an important topic, a tutorial (a technical or practical learning session), a workshop (a technical or experiential session with audience participation), etc.

  • Indicate the format of the presentation and any visual or audio or video files that will be used in the presentation.

  • Indicate the expected length of the presentation (ideally 90--150 minutes). Indicate a time frame for making the presentation.

  • Provide a list of resources used for the presentation; make sure they are from credible and prestigious, preferably peer-reviewed sources.

The proposal should be submitted no later than the third week of the semester