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The guidelines were developed by Professor Saiedian in mid 2000's for his software engineering (SE) students. Any EECS student may use these guidelines for other classes by ignoring SE-specific requirements. A PDF version of these guidelines is available.

Guidelines for e-submission

Please note that the following requirements are to ensure that your submitted materials are properly received, identified, any missing parts are immediately noticed, and the submitted materials are easily located in the future.

Your homework assignments, projects, term papers, proposals, etc., may be submitted electronically or in the traditional paper copies. Please consult each individual project's requirements and/or consult with me to find out if electronic submission is an option. When it is acceptable to submit electronically, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Electronic documents in text-only or in PDF format will be accepted. PDF documents are platform-independent and thus can be viewed and printed by a variety of operating systems and printers.

  2. Minimal identifying information (e.g., your name, course number and title, and the title of the project, etc.) should appear on the submitted materials. Unless you have been requested to follow a specific format, please include a cover sheet and place the following identifying information on the top left corner of the cover sheet:

    -- Project Title (e.g., Term Paper Proposal)
    -- Name (e.g., Hossein Saiedian)
    -- Course number and title (e.g., EECS810: Software Engineering)
    -- Class meeting day and time (e.g., Mondays, 6:10-9:00 PM)
    -- Contact information (e.g., saideian@eecs.ku.edu )
    -- Today's Date (e.g., January 15, 2003)

    Please limit the cover sheet to the above information only (unless the submitted materials are very little and together with the above identifying information can all fit on the cover sheet). If you are submitting something in text-only (ASCII), i.e., without any attachment, include the above information in flush-left format.

  3. Unless otherwise noted, prepare your documents single-spaced and be sure that all pages of a multiple-page document are sequentially numbered (e.g., 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, etc). Page numbers, in n/m (or n of m) format are preferred and should ideally be centered at the bottom of each page. Cover sheets are normally not numbered.

  4. Unless otherwise stated, make sure that an electronically submitted document (as an attachment) unpacks into a single electronic document at my end so I would have to preview, manipulate or print a single document. (The only exception of course is a large programming project where an app may be comprised of many small components. In such cases, place all components into a folder and submit the folder. Please be sure that the submitted items unpacks into a single folder.)

  5. Regardless of what may be the most appropriate name for a given file (e.g., proposal.tex) or a folder (e.g., Project-X) on your side, when submitting it, change the name so that it unpacks into a file or folder with an identifying name, e.g., your last name (e.g., eecs810-saiedian-project-x). Also, please avoid spaces in the file names.

  6. Lastly, be sure that your email subject line is equally descriptive, e.g., EECSxxx: Project #

For the term paper, please follow exact the same format required on the guidelines for preparing a research paper.