Upsilon Pi Epsilon @ KU


Our organization has three primary purposes.

Social. To provide members with a chance to relax and get to know their hard-working peers in Computer Science. Along with these benefits, our social gatherings also give members a chance to exchange ideas and discuss research.

Academic. To connect members with scholarship opportunities provided by the national UPE organization.

Professional. To connect members with potential employers who specifically request the dedication and excellence that members of UPE implicitly exhibit through the academic achievement required for membership.

Welcome to UPE

Computers are to computing as instruments are to music. Software is the score whose interpretations amplifies our reach and lifts our spirits. Leonardo da Vinci called music the shaping of the invisible, and his phrase is even more apt as a description of software.

- A. Kay

The art of programming is the art of organizing complexity, of mastering multitude and avoiding its bastard chaos as effectively as possible.

- E. Dijkstra

Don't you hate code that's not properly indented? Making it part of the syntax guarantees that all code is properly indented.

- G. van Rossum (on Python)