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IT 492: IT Capstone II

Fall 2015

meets by appointment

Catalog Course Description

T Capstone II is a continuation of IT Capstone, is a senior level course designed to allow a student to review, analyze, integrate, and apply technical knowledge in a meaningful and practical manner. The student will be expected to complete an approved academic project in IT that may be in collaboration with an industrial partner.


Senior standing.

Expected Audience

This course is intended for the BSIT students and is to be taken during the second semester of their senior year.


No textbook is required, however a student is expected to have access to textbooks for other BSIT courses as well as research and development papers, especially those related to innovative development.

Additional Description

The two semester capstone course will be used to integrate concepts from IT curriculum coursework as well as professional and managerial coursework into a project that allows students to put skills into action. Projects will be of a significant nature with both a design and implementation portion. Design work will primarily be conducted during the first semester of the capstone with implementation spanning into the second semester. Students will form teams to work on these complex projects which are intended to enrich the learning experience beyond formal classroom settings. Industry partners will be sought to provide real-world and practical projects for the capstone experience. Students will be responsible for self-managing their team with guidance from IT faculty and industry partners. Teamwork, schedule management, requirements development, design, implementation, professional report writing and business presentation skills will be part of the capstone experience.

Evaluation Criteria

Students will be evaluated as follows:

Grade Distribution: Project completion and successful defense: 100%

Grading Scale:
  • A = 90 to 100%
  • B = 80 to 89%
  • C = 70 to 79%
  • D = 60 to 69%
  • F = Below 59%

Project Artifacts

All capstone project artifacts must be properly organized and included in a professionally prepared binder (portfolio). An electronic version should also be available, also professionally organized and prepared. The completed project and all related artifacts must be submitted to the instructor two weeks before the oral defense.

Project Defense

An oral defense will be given to the instructor at the end of the semester.

Submitting materials to be graded

All materials should be completed in electronic format. In the rare circumstance that handwritten materials are required (such as hand drawn materials), these should be scanned or photographed (high quality cell phone photos of handwritten materials are acceptable) and inserted into the appropriate document.