Visualization of n-Dimensional Phenomena

Principal Investigators:

Prof. J. R. Miller, EECS
Prof. E. A. Gavosto, Mathematics

Visualization of n-dimensional phenomena in mathematics and the sciences has become an important requirement for researchers in those fields. In this work, we are developing methods to visualize n-dimensional data using a tool we have constructed which consists of two components. The first part is based on the metaphor of being in a room with glass walls that one "flies through" the n-dimensional data set. Navigation through the data can be performed by changing the position and dimensions of the room. This type of navigation allows the user to move through a particular 3D slice of an n-dimensional object. Navigation is also possible using the second part of our tool: an embedded coordinate system display and manipulation subsystem designed along the lines of the n-Vision system described by Feiner and Beshers. The coordinate system display allows the researcher to visualize the series of slices performed to arrive at the 3D slice currently visible through the walls of the room. In our system, these nested coordinate systems can be dragged interactively, thereby providing the ability to navigate our room throughout the n-dimensional space.

The coordinate system interactive controls A slice of the 9-dimensional set viewd on the walls of the IVP and viewed from the outside

Viewing the same data set from the inside of the IVP