Research Projects
Interdisciplinary Collaborative Visualization

Collaborative Construction and Visualization of Scientific Models (Abstract)

Principal Investigators:

  • Prof. J. R. Miller, EECS
  • Prof. J. J. Feddema, Geography
  • Prof. T. A. Slocum, Geography
Graduate Students:
  • Dan Cliburn, Ph.D., Computer Science, August 2001
  • Courtlan Telford, M.S., Computer Science, June 2000
  • Johnny Tabash, M.S., Computer Science, May 2002

n-Dimensional Visualization (Abstract)

Principal Investigators:

  • Prof. J. R. Miller, EECS
  • Prof. E. A. Gavosto, Math
Graduate Students:
  • Joe Shannonhouse, M.S., Computer Science, May 2002
Other Student Contributors:
  • John Sheu
  • Dan Cliburn

Collaborative Interaction Using Remote Controllers Running on Personal Input Devices (Abstract)

Principal Investigator:

  • Prof. J. R. Miller, EECS
Graduate Students:
  • Serhan Yengulalp, M.S., Computer Science, May 2002
  • Kenny Conklin, M.S., Computer Science, April 2003
  • Patrick Sterner, M.S., Computer Science, May 2003

The Collaborative Visualization Room (CVR) is the visualization centerpiece of DesignLab, a multidisciplinary research laboratory funded by NSF Infrastructure Grant CDA-94-01021. The CVR houses a wall sized video display system that projects 5760 x 1200 pixels on a curved projection screen that is 6 feet tall and 25 feet wide. It provides a 120 degree field of view when viewed from a distance of 12 feet. The display is driven by a six-processor SGI Origin 2000 computer and three InfiniteReality2 graphics subsystems, one for each of the three ceiling-mounted projection systems. The conference table and chair arrangement easily accommodates collaborative groups of twelve or more people. Several input devices are available for use including a six-degree-of-freedom input device with three-degree-of-freedom haptic force feedback and several wireless personalized input devices that allow collaborators to share control of a set of applications running in the environment. The lab also includes several SGI IRIX O2 workstations and linux workstations.