Group News

  • 6/3/16 Dr. Huan gave a talk at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, NIH.
  • 5/15/16 Our NIH center project Chemical Biology of Infectious Disease was funded by NIH. The overall budget is $12M in 5 years. Dr. Huan leads the Core C Computational Chemical Biology of the center.


  • 12/01/14 Our proposal on Ebola related fundamental research (NSF 1513324) was among the first round of projects funded by NSF. See NSF Press release, KU Press release, Eurek Alert, Healio Infectious Disease News, ACM Tech News, University Daily Kansas, and Channel 6 News
  • 11/13/14 Our collaborative research on machine learning in on-line security is featured at Penn State.
  • 10/06/14 Dr. Alexios "Alex" Koutsoukas joined us from the Center of Molecular Informatics at the University of Cambridge. Welcome Alex!
  • 8/01/14 Our NSF grant on machine learning in cybersecurity is funded. This grant is led by Dr. Bo Luo (PI) and Dr. Huan (co-PI).
  • 6/01/2014 We are organizing the 2nd International Workshop on Big Data in Bioinformatics and Healthcare Informatics. Please go to the workshop website to submit your high quality research paper.
  • 4/01/14 Dr. Huan gave a keynote speech at the Heterogeneous Machine Learning Workshop, in conjunction with the SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, Philadelphia, PA, April 2014.


  • 12/10/12 Yi successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation. Yi joined InterTrust. Congratulations, Dr. Jia!
  • 10/01/12 We welcome new group members: Alhanoof, Hajiarbabi, Joseph. Welcome!
  • 08/31/12 Hongliang successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation. Hongliang joined the IBM Watson Research Center. Congratulations, Dr. Fei!
  • 08/18/12 Our paper "A Family of Joint Sparse PCA Algorithms for Anomaly Localization in Network Data Streams" by graduate students Ruoyi Jiang and Hongliang Fei was accepted by IEEE TKDE.
  • 07/31/12 Brian and Jintao successfully defended their Ph.D. dissertations. Brian joined MathWorks and Jintao joined Adometry. Congratulations, Dr. Quanz and Dr. Zhang!
  • 07/01/12 We welcome Dr. Rao from China as a visiting scholar!
  • 05/10/12 Peng was awarded a $2000 Undergraduate Research Award from the KU Honors Program. He will work on a project to provide easy-to-access user-interface for big chemical biology data.
  • 05/04/12 Jintao's paper "Inductive Multi-Task Learning with Multiple View Data" was accepted by SIGKDD.
  • 04/16/12 Dr. Huan was part of a team to secure a COBRE center program from NIH on Molecular Analysis of Disease Pathways.
  • 04/09/12 Brian's paper "Knowledge Transfer with Low-Quality Data: a Feature Extraction Issue" was accepted by TKDE as one of the best papers from ICDE'11.
  • 02/01/12 Parker accepted a Google summer intern position.

  • 11/11/11 Hongliang's paper "Structured Feature Selection and Task Relationship Inference for Multi-Task Learning" won the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM). Congratulations!
  • 10/15/11 Hongliang started his intern at IBM TJ Watson research center.
  • 08/01/11 Two Ph.D. Students Chao Lan and Kaige Yan joined our group. Welcome everyone!
  • 05/01/11 Our paper "Anomaly Localization for Network Data Streams with Graph Joint Sparse PCA" by graduate students Ruoyi and Hongliang was accepted by SIGKDD'11.

  • 08/16/10 Dr. Huan was a co-PI of a $1.5M CDI Type II grant from NSF. This grant will be used to develop a knowledgebase for invertebrate fossil information collected by the KU Department of Paleontology. The grant is led by Dr. Xuewen Chen with Drs. Jun Huan, Bo Luo, Brian Potetz, Jim Miller, and Paul Selden (KU Department of Paleontology)
  • 07/03/10 Our paper (as part of the Microarray Quality Control Consortium) was accepted by Nature Biotechnology (IF: 29.5, 2009). Brian Quanz and Aaron Smalter are part of the Microarray Consortium team from KU
  • 06/03/10 Hongliang Fei was awarded a travel fellowship from the ACM International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SIGKDD'10)
  • 04/28/10 Dr. Huan led a team to secure a $4.7 M NIH G20 grant to renovate the ITTC Bioinformaitcs Computational Facility
  • KU Press Release   Lawrence Journal World Link
  • 04/01/10 Aaron Smalter's paper:  ``GPD: A Graph Pattern Diffusion Kernel for Accurate Graph Classification with Applications in Cheminformatics" was featured at the IEEE/ACM Transaction on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (TCBB) web site for the 2010 April - June Issue
  • TCBB link

  • 11/01/09 Hongliang Fei's paper "L2 Norm Regularized Feature Kernel Regression For Graph Data" won the best paper award (runner-up) for the ACM 18th Conference on Information and Knowledge Management  (CIKM’09), Hong Kong, China. Six papers were nominated for best paper award out of 123 accepted papers in CIKM'09
  • 10/01/09 Aaron Smalter was awarded an travel fellowship from the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM'09)
  • 07/01/09 Dr. Huan was awarded the National Science Foundation CAREER Award (IIS 0845951, 2009 - 2014)
  • KU Press Release  
  • 05/01/09 Brian Quanz was awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2009-2012)
  • KU Press Release

  • 08/01/08 Dr. Huan was a co-I of a $21.2M NIH Roadmap grant led by Dr. Jeff Aube at the KU Department of Medicinal Chemistry. This grant was used to establish the KU special chemistry center (KU SCC) to support the NIH Molecular Libraries Probe Production Centers Network (MLPCN). MLPCN was established at nine institutions throughout the United States. Other members of the MLPCN are Broad, Burnham, John Hopkins, NCGC, Southern Research, Scripps, University of New Mexico, and Vanderbilt.
  • KU Press Release