Important Dates:
July 4, 2007, Submission of papers
August 1, 2007, Notification
August 17, 2007, Camera Ready Papers
October 28, 2007, Workshop

October 28,2007

The rapid development of bioinformatics techniques is leading to innovations in various fields in computer science including data mining, information retrieve, and database management, among others. The Mining and Management of Biological Data (MMB) workshop aims to promote collaboration between data mining researchers and bioinformaticians by presenting the latest data mining research in bioinformatics. We encourage papers that propose novel data mining techniques for driving biological tasks such as:

  • Gene expression analysis
  • Gene sequence annotation
  • Protein/RNA structure prediction
  • Sequence and structural motifs
  • Modeling of biochemical pathways and biological networks
  • Biomedical literature mining
  • Drug design
  • Biological databases management
  • Comparative Genomics
  • Visualizing Biological data
  • Evolutionary biology and phylogeny
  • Biomedical Ontologies
  • System Biology
  • Query processing and query optimization in biological and biomedical databases