EECS 730: Introduction to Bioinformatics

[Th 5:30pm-8:00pm]
Fall 2012

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    • 10/18/2012: Site visit of the KU Specialized Chemistry Center
    • 10/11/2012: Mid-term Exam I
    • 10/10/2012: Site visit of the KU Genomics Core
    • 10/4/2012: Guest Lecture
    • 09/30/2012: HW2 assigned.
    • 09/13/2012: HW1 assigned.
    • 08/22/2012: Starting on 30th, the class meeting time is Thursday 5:30pm-8:00pm.
    • 08/20/2012: First class meeting.

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    Course Objectives and Overview:
    This course provides an introduction to bioinformatics. It covers computational tools and databases widely used in bioinformatics. The underlying algorithms of existing tools will be discussed. Topics include: molecular biology databases, sequence alignment, gene expression data analysis, protein structure and function, protein analysis, and proteomics.We aim to achieve the following objectitves of the class:

    • Learn algorithms and databases in bioinformatics
    • Gain knowledge and hand-on experience of bioinformatics tools
    • Understand the interaction between computer science and modern biology within the context of data-driven knowledge discovery
    Prerequisites: EECS 560 and introduction to biology equivalent to BIOL 150, or consent of instructor

    None. Reading materials will be posted on-line at the class website.