Chris Seasholtz

University of Kansas

BEST Building, Office 250F

12604 Quivira Road

Overland Park, KS 66213

Current Projects

Past Projects:

CyberBlitz: Round 2

On 1/14/17 and 1/15/17, the 1st Infantry Division came back for another CyberBlitz. This time, I helped the Information Security Club to obtain better hardware in order to have the competition run more smoothly. We hosted 8 members of 1ID, members of the KUISC, students from the Edwards campus, and some CyberPatriot teams from local high schools.


As a result of Dr. Luo's scholarship grant, I was given the ability to host a GenCyber camp for high school teachers. The purpose of the camp was to provide teachers with skills and information that they could then take back to their students. While I was unable to be at the actual camp, I designed and set up the cyber defense competition that the teachers participated in, as well as was on-call technical support, should the instructors need my assistance.


In the Fall of 2015, Dr. Bo Luo received a scholarship grant to provide students with a source of funding as long as they were focused on cyber security. As a result, during the Winter of 2015, soldiers from the 1st Infantry Division reached out to Dr. Luo to host a cyber defense event of some sort. Dr. Luo was a busy man, so he put me in charge. I was given the opportunity to put a team together, plan, and implement a cyber defense competition, much like the ones I have competed in with the Jayhackers. I enlisted the help of Cyrus Duong and Adam Thompson to design the scenario and set up the entire virtual network. In the end, the event had its problems, but we were able to learn from them for next time.

As a senior in the KU EECS Department, a Capstone project must be completed. For my senior design project, I worked alongside friends, and fellow classmates, Rachel Gilman and Logan Downes. Their project was designed to help groups of people decide where to eat. By creating a website to allow multiple inputs, ranging from type of food to specific items, groups would be able to determine restaurants in their area that served everyone's choice down to only one persons choice. I mainly worked on the PostgreSQL database the the connections from an Android application and a web application. Through their efforts, Logan, Rachel, and I were awarded the Rummer Award, an award given to the best senior design project for the year.