EECS People Web Server

The purpose of this server is to provide EECS students and faculty with web hosting for class related and personal projects.

Web hosting is provided only to current and valid EECS users.

Note: An EECS student is any KU student that has been admitted into an EECS degree program or is currently enrolled in an EECS course (with the exception of EECS 128 and EECS 138).

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Looking for Something Else?

You might have arrived at this page by mistake or are looking for something that this server does not provide. If that is the case you might find what your looking for at one of the sites listed below:

  • EECS Informational Website - An informational website about the EECS department, it's programs, faculty, and associated research.
  • EECS Wiki - An informational website detailing EECS resources and policies (including FAQs, guides, and how-tos).

More Information

Looking for information about what resources are available on this server, or how to begin building your website? The links to the EECS Wiki below can help get you started.

Having Problems?

If you are having difficulty with your EECS site, you can submit a help request and an EECS technical staff member will assist you with your problem.

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